“The Culture Connection’s mission is to foster soulful learning, trigger the imagination, and enhance quality of life by connecting children with the arts and culture through fun, interactive, and educational creativity workshops.”

Stacy Sbarra, Founder


The Culture Connection is the passion project of Stacy Sbarra. The Culture Connection’s mission is to foster soulful learning, trigger the imagination and enhance the quality of life by connecting children to the arts and culture through fun, interactive and educational creativity workshops created by Ms. Sbarra and the expertise of her team of credentialed teachers and advisors. The workshops are cutting edge and unlike most programs. The difference is that we at The Culture Connection believe that your children are Little Creators and they learn, create and manifest on a deeper level during their early development stages than at any other times in their lives.

The Culture Connection is not merely about teaching them how to paint, play an instrument or act out their favorite character, it is about teaching them that through the wisdom and achievements of others, they have the potential and ability to become all they desire. Our journey with your child begins by tapping into that innate knowing and through the history of the arts we hope to instill lessons that will assist them in loving themselves, others, the world we live in while at the same time sparking their educational exploration into the arts. We assure you that the experience your child will have is nothing short of magical.



Stacy Sbarra

Founder and CEO

Stacy is the founder and CEO of The Culture Connection. Prior to founding The...


Dorene Rose

Artistic Director

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Caroline Zimmerli

Senior Art Teacher and Social Media Coordinator

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James Ciervo

Senior Programs Consultant

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