General Policies

Reserving Your Space

Please register for a workshop by submitting an Online Registration Form. In order to guarantee your space, payments must be received via PayPal at the time of online registration or by check or cash within five days of submitting your Online Registration Form.

Payment Options

We accept cash, checks, or credit card payments (through PayPal). Payment must be in full for the entire workshop. We will charge a $20 return check fee where applicable. Please let us know if special arrangements are needed.

Workshops and Ages

Children’s workshop sessions are usually 6 weeks long for children ages 5-8.

Punctual Start Time

Please be sure to arrive at least five minutes before each workshop begins so that you and/or your child can remove outerwear and be prepared to start on time. All workshops will begin on time. Entering the workshop after it has begun can be disruptive to the other students.

Medical Disclosure

For children’s workshops, if you or your child has a medical condition or known learning impairment, please discuss it with us before the workshop session begins so that we may tailor the workshop to you and/or your child’s needs.

Sickness and Absence

If a registered workshop participant is ill, please keep him or her at home for his or her own safety and the safety of others. Please note that fees for missed workshops will not be refunded and make-up workshops are not available.

If a workshop is cancelled due to the instructor’s illness or due to inclement weather, a make-up workshop will be offered immediately after the workshop session at the same time and location as the canceled workshop. We will contact you in the event a workshop is cancelled due to weather conditions.

Photos and Videos

Signature on or submission of an Online Registration Form also constitutes your agreement that The Culture Connection may take photographs and/or videos of workshops and may use these photographs and/or videos without financial compensation or further consent for purposes of promoting The Culture Connection and for no other reason.

Loss or Injury

The Culture Connection is not responsible for any loss or injury incurred while participating in the program. Your signature on or submission of an online registration form serves to release The Culture Connection from all liability incurred as a result of participating in our program. Signature on or submission of an Online Registration Form also constitutes your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless The Culture Connection from any liability, costs or claims, related either directly or indirectly to participation in a Culture Connection program (regardless of location), including legal and/or medical expenses incurred for the participant’s benefit.

Additional Children’s Workshop Policies

Workshop Protocols

Please dress your child comfortably as our workshops involve movement and dancing. They also involve arts and crafts, which could result in stained clothes. Food, toys and other distractions are not permitted in the workshop. In the interest of having enriching classes, any child who, in the opinion of the instructor, is being disruptive, will be asked to leave the workshop until the child has calmed down.

Please Don’t Compare

It’s important to allow your child to respond when ready and not to compare him or her with other children in the workshop. As you know, children develop at different rates and have different learning schemes. There is no “right” way to respond to the activities in our workshops. Children who quietly observe or choose to explore during activities are as actively engaged as those who physically participate in each activity. They are benefitting from the creative environment we create together in our workshops.