Children's Music Workshop



What child doesn’t love singing and dancing to their favorite music? In this unique and stimulating workshop series The Culture Connection goes beyond juvenile playfulness. This program, similar to our art and storytime programs, emphasizes the little creator aspect within your child while at the same time educating them to music they might not be exposed to in their daily lives. Children are introduced to different music genres through a cultural lens; broadening their musical experience beyond today’s pop hits.


Each week features a different historical musical period and includes genres such as classical, folk, jazz, blues, country, rock & roll and r&b.  Not only will children develop their cognitive, social, emotional, physical, motor, and aural skills but they will learn about famous composers and musicians such as Mozart, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and so many more.

The last segment of each weekly workshop will have the children engaging in instrument exploration with shakers, drums, cymbals, xylophones, bells, rhythm sticks, and other fun, age-appropriate instruments.  Using the rhythms, patterns, and sounds they’ve learned in that workshop, they make music together in a “jam session.”

We video each jam session and give copies to parents so that they may share the excitement and joy of watching and hearing their child make music with others.  By exposing your child to various musical genres, musicians and composers, this workshop fosters a life-long love of music, builds music literacy, sparks musical innovation, increases self-expression, and promotes the joy of making and sharing music with others.


As the children explore these genres and musical geniuses’ influence and legacy, our teachers will engage the children in different kinds of musical games to inspire them about the music they are hearing and seeing. Activities include active listening, call and response exercises, dancing, movement, and singing. Through these activities your child will not only learn about the weekly musical genre and featured musician but about musical concepts like motifs, patterns, tonality and rhythm.