Your Children, The Arts and Self Esteem:

As much as we love teaching your children art history, it is important to remember that the reason why the The Culture Connection differs from other programs is that one of our major goals is to teach your children to love themselves and elevate their self-esteem. When these characteristics are instilled and reinforced at an early age, a strong foundation is created and a sense of self develops that makes it easier for your child to navigate his or herself through the challenges of life. Here are some enlightening articles affirming the goals of our workshops. home/supporting-young-artists/what-the-arts-can-do.aspx adhd/

Great Art Books For Children:

Of course it is The Culture Connection’s belief that our workshops are an amazing way for your child to embark on his or her journey into the arts, become strong within in themselves and embark on a future as a cultured, sophisticated and well-rounded individual. We have worked hard developing our programs and believe we have a certain magic that
transcends the ordinary, but regardless our main goal is to educate parents and children alike about our belief that instilling the arts in your child at an early age is a priceless gift. So with that said, we are dedicated to providing you with all the best resources that come our way. Here is a list of books that we believe are congruent with our teachings and goals.
(We are not affiliated with any of the sites we are referring you to and do not have any monetary partnerships. These are for your guidance and information only).
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Therapeutic Benefits of The Arts

The Culture Connection’s research on the Therapeutic Benefits of The Arts, especially the development of Cognitive Functioning amongst children and the elderly has been extensive and has served as a springboard for our passion endeavor. Here are links to some articles that might be of interest to you. cognitive-skills-in-children-development-definition-training.html

The Puppet Mall

A great big thank you to Puppet Tom from Puppet Mall for making The Culture Connection’s beautiful engaging puppets.
The Puppet Mall was established in 2005 for the purpose of providing elementary schools, Sunday School classes, Head Start programs and many families with quality Puppets which they can enjoy. has over 20 pages of Puppets ranging from under $10 to over $50  to fill the needs of a wide spectrum of occasions.  Products include Puppets of young boys and girls.  Puppets of older folks, full body Puppets, glove Puppets, Bible Puppets animal Puppets and more.  We take pride in selling only high quality products at competitive prices and with excellent service.  Through the years we have brought joy to many youngsters who open their shipping box for the first time and see a plush, soft, cuddly Puppet they can enjoy for hours.  And the best part is, there are NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!!  Ph: 408-264-6156

American Graphic & Web Development

The Culture Connection extends an overwhelming sense of gratitude to James Perez, Owner of American Graphic & Web Development, for his company’s outstanding dedication to the development of our website and marketing materials. His web design, development skills and consistent loyalty have made James and American an integral part of The Culture Connection family and we are honored to have him part of our team.

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